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It took some determination to write these books, but that's nothing compared to the others yet to be written! The series will have (at least) four books, and the characters will have come far indeed. But they can only come to life when you read them...

Sullen Ground

​Where it all begins: the Directive, the Pacers, the war, the town, and the people. The story starts here in Plymouth, Michigan, where Pen holds herself together, Tim holds the town together, and Camden tries to keep it from falling apart.

Broken_Splinter_Cover_for_Kindle (2).jpg

Broken Splinter

​After Camden’s order to leave Plymouth in the midst of catastrophe, Pen, Cora, and Matt find themselves thrown together in a whirlwind of confusion and dread. Hoping to reunite with their friends at the first rendezvous point, they move on as planned. However, they will discover that it isn’t easy to follow Camden’s orders when so many questions go unanswered. They will learn that finding their friends will be more difficult than ever expected as they endure setback after setback and difficulty after difficulty.

Separated from their friends, hunted by the Pacers, and plagued with fear, Pen and Cora must learn to survive in situations they never imagined...with socially inept Matt as their guide. Pen will find that Matt, the man she despised for so long, demonstrates who he really is. Matt soon dissolves into who he was meant to be: a soldier. And Cora endures the constant thought which she prays be proven wrong: Tim is dead, Tim is dead, Tim is dead...

Rising Heroes

As Matt takes off with Pen and Cora, Camden and the others must face hardships of their own. When the dust settles, Camden is pulled in many different directions; he must encourge the others to be vigilant, give orders to his officers, keep Pacer threats at bay, when all he wants to do is find Pen. Tim is just as anxious to find Cora, but he will have to do so with one less leg. And after a year goes by with no sign of their three missing friends, Dan is losing hope that Pen is still alive. 


The journey to Camden's cabin continues, with a few unexpected adventures. They continue the search for their lost neighbors, with the help of some new friends. The ruthless Pacers are becoming more active. And Camden is thrown into a role that he didn't see coming... 


Last Stand

Finally, many questions are answered in the last stand against the Pacers. Many have come far in the last few years, and have farther to go before they realize what they're made of. It seems a far cry from where they started, and though they have been through much, they made it here, the Last Stand.

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