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There's not much to me, really. I was born and raised in Detroit. I worked average, nothing-special jobs for years. I do regular 'mom' things 7 days a week. Life is measured out in the every day routines of work, getting kids to school, making dinner, sweeping floors, helping with homework, bedtime stories, swapping smiles and funny texts. 

When I get a chance to slow down, I love road trips with my family, nature hikes and going to the places I love with the people I love.

The idea for Sullen Ground came to me in the summer of 2004 in, you guessed it, downtown Plymouth.
I was 23 years old, walking by a large construction site on Main Street. I had no idea what that site was going to be, but as I walked by it a thought popped in my head: what would happen if soldiers had to die for their country right here in the United States? Could war actually happen here? I wagered that it could. That construction site would eventually become what is now the Veterans' Memorial Park.

The Sullen Ground series is never far from my thoughts. I often think of the characters and what lay ahead for them as they endure their war. I could never explain the joy I get in writing these books, or the joy I get when someone tells me they love reading them.


Dan, I want to thank you for being my biggest fan. I cannot imagine someone more patient, more supportive, or more genuine. You have made me see that the world is full of color; I suspect that is only due to your presence in it. You have my heart and it couldn't be happier!

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